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Thursday, 2 March 2017


...For disappearing again!

So as you know I'm pregnant, due on 20th March. I've been quite ill these past few weeks which is one of the main reasons I've not been around. I have finished work now though, but I'm having to have a growth scan on Monday because I'm measuring small and if the scans show he's stopped growing I'll likely be having him next week, which is scary and exciting and all sorts! I'll be 38 weeks then, so it's really no issue. But at the moment I'm kinda in limbo haha, seeing the midwife every couple of days because my blood pressure is stupid and high, I was actually admitted to hospital last week and hoped they'd get him out of there, but no such luck haha.

Anyway, that makes it all sound like I'm dying, but I'm really not. I'm just tired more than anything and ready to get my body back! I have two chapters written, and pics for one more which I'm off to go try and write now (but I played that stuff back in November so I hope my notes are good haha), and then I'll be on to generation 2! I'm planning on posting the rest of gen 1 before baby is born (obviously if they do decide to deliver next week then that won't be happening), and then I'll likely disappear while I learn how to change nappies and etc, and then once we're in a routine I'm hoping to get back into simming and posting again!

I don't know when I'll catch up on everyones stuff, I'm going to start later today but I don't know how far behind I am yet haha. Thank you all for your continued support! :) xxx


  1. Idk why, but when you said the 20th of March, I kinda thought "oh, so not for another 2 months" when in actuality, it's just under 3 weeks. 2017 has just gone so fast.

    You do need to learn to stick around longer :P it's too much pressure being the only English girl on the forum XD
    I hope you and baby are fine, even though it lowkey sounds like you're dying, haha. Have you thought of any names yet? ^-^

    1. Yeah I know man! It's all flown by.... But not for me. You know when someone you know get's pregnant and it feels like 3 days and theyve got a baby (like sims)? Well when you're the pregnant one it feels like 40 months rather than 40 weeks.

      Sorry!! Haha, I'll try! I will take a few weeks off for certain once baby is born, there's no pretending that won't happen, but hopefully I won't be gone too long!
      We've thought of names, yes ;) Haha, we don't know what we're calling him. We have a few finalists, but until we see him we don't want to commit to one. All will be revealed in a few weeks!