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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

1.13 Used Up Old Sock


   "So you and Chelsea, huh?" I accused as Kenyon approached me at the art gallery.
   "Woahh!" He mocked being knocked off his feet. "Someone got out the wrong side of bed today and decided to throw it all at me..."
   "Oh shut up." I punched him in the gut lightly and playfully. "Why do I have to hear it from my baby sister rather that the horses - rather large - mouth?"
   "What is there to tell?" He was being evasive. "A girl and a guy, and, and guy and a girl..." He trailed off and shrugged, with a smug grin on his face. I shook my head.
   "You're acting like it was some sort of quest and you reached the end and... Ugh." I shuddered. "At least I have a constant reminder of why I don't date."
   "What the hell are you on about?"
   "You!" I accused, "Basically saying you and Chelsea did it and you think it was nothing more than that and you're perfectly willing to go bragging about it all over town. Have you given any thought to how she might be feeling? Maybe like a used up old sock?" He laughed a deep, bellowing exaggerated laugh. "Stop it I'm being serious!" I scolded.
   "Chill out. Me and Chelsea are an item. Like proper girlfriend boyfriend. She's not a used up old sock, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean... But yeah, we did bang though."
   "Oh for plumbobs sake! You 'banged', yeah? You just 'banged'?" I glared at him.

   "Alright, sorry... We made luuurve." He wiggled his eyebrows and licked his lips. I fake-gagged and tried to hold in a laugh.
   "You're so disgusting..." I punched his arm playfully.
   "So, Miss Feminist, where's Becca?"
   "She's out with that Kody from prom."
   "Oh yeah? They gunna make luuurve?" He pulled the same stupid face and I could have wrung his neck.
   "Don't you dare! She's my baby sister!!"
   "Hey, everyone does it sometime, I'm just saying!"
   "Yeah well she's not stupid, she wouldn't do anything like that."
   "You never know.." I knew he was just trying to wind me up, so I pushed him towards the door. I had a dare to fulfill.

   "Hey, look, that statue's got his bits out!" I giggled, deliberately making sure I was loud enough to annoy the woman standing behind us.
   "Not as big as mine though!" Kenyon laughed back. The woman tutted, rolled her eyes, and walked off to look at some statue with boobs. Art, hey?
   "That was too far." I scolded Kenyon.
   "Truth." He shrugged. "Stop putting it off." He shoved a spray can into my hand, and I looked around. The coast was clear for now.
   "Keep watch." I demanded.

   After I was done, Kenyon pulled me over out of the immediate area and in a corner.
   "You wrote your own name?? Seriously Aria!" He sounded angry, although he kept his voice hushed for obvious reasons.
   "I didn't know what to put! You didn't specify!" I mentally berated myself. What an idiot.
   "Well obviously not something they can trace right back to you!"
   "Ugh, I'm sorry... Not alot I can do about it now, though, and I expect they have CCTV anyway..." I shrugged. I didn't really care anyway. I was in an art gallery, surely that counted as art?
   "Lets get out of here..." He rolled his eyes as we started walking out.
   "Well your turn now! I dare you..."


   I was so glad Kody text. He actually text! We met up at the graveyard, which seemed strange until I got here and saw all the pretty fountains. I was nervous though, I mean, it's not like we'd been drinking last night but the atmosphere and the dim lighting made flirting a lot easier than the bright, revealing light of day.

   Something about Kody relaxed me though, made me feel at ease. He was one year above me at school, so I felt kinda special as there were so many pretty girls in his year, but he'd picked me! Plus he seemed to know all the right things to say, and it was fun! Just talking was fun, like a rush! I've never felt like that talking to anyone else, so maybe this is what love feels like?

   Maybe I'm stupid, but I didn't feel pressured, and it all just felt 'right'. I've heard people say that before but didn't realise what it meant until it happened to me! Besides, nobody else was home so nobody would know, would they?


  1. The title of this chapter reminded me of a joke: Why did the sperm cross the road? Because I wore the wrong sock this morning.
    Obviously it works better if you're a guy, but hey. I think it's pretty amusing xD
    I'll read the update now and put a real comment soon lol

    1. LOL! Well, you got what the sock was about immediately then! I wondered if anyone else would get that.

  2. Art is basically penises but it's okay because they're on babies with wings and are fountains. Why? Because art.
    Ooooo probably best to not write your own name when defacing a piece of art >.<

    Hmm, older man for Becca, eh? Just like her controller :P (I couldn't think of the word lmao)

    1. Yeah, totally! I mean, if I stood there with my boobs out, I'd get arrested. Why is it ok to see stone titties and not real ones haha
      LOL! I imagine she only wrote 'Aria', so it's not as bad as writing you're signiture, but still I thought it was funny.

      Controller being me? Slight difference, Becca is seeing someone one year older. I'm with someone 14 years older haha. He'd nearly finished school when I was born. But boys mature so much slower than girls that you can't really tell.