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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

1.4 Surrounded By Idiots


    Ernesto didn't want a job, and we both agreed that when the baby came it would be best for me to go back to the job I loved while he stayed home. In the meantime though, my agent had told me I couldn't work 'in my condition'. So we improvised. Ernesto had no problem sneaking behind the supermarket and rummaging through the dumpsters. You'd be surprised what people throw out! He'd then sell the useful stuff he found, after I'd cleaned it up of course, and we even managed to get a new chair and rug for our house!

   He came back one day with a bird cage. Geneva had been parroting on (haha!) about having a pet for ages, so I cleaned it up and found a place for it, before tiptoeing outside and catching a bird. Geneva called him Tweety when she got home. I do quite like the bird, but it has a tendency to whistle all night and it drives me crazy....

   Ernesto couldn't wait to be a dad. In his eyes he already had a daughter, Geneva, but this one was the real deal and we'd constantly sit down and talk about baby things and family days out we could have in a few years. We considered moving, having four of us in a one-bed trailer was hardly ideal, but we really couldn't afford it right now so we were stuck here...

   "I'm sorry we're stuck in such a crappy trailer." I apologized for the 10,000th time.
   "Stop it!" Ernesto sighed, squeezing me. "It's not your fault, plus when you moved here it was just the two of you. You had no idea any of this would happen so why would you have wasted money renting somewhere bigger?"
   "I wouldn't, but if I had worked harder then we'd have enough money to move right now."
   "I don't work at all, if I did would we move? No, because then you wouldn't be working. It's not about working hard! If you worked more then you'd be away from your family more, so don't worry about it. Money isn't everything."

   "You always know the exact right thing to say." I smiled.
   "Good!" he teased. "Do you want to watch some TV? You shouldn't be on your feet too much."
   "Being on my feet might make her fall out." I joked. I was a few days over due by now, and uncomfortable, but I did love how Ernesto was doing everything for me. It made this pregnancy so much easier than the last, when I was constantly arguing with my mother and trying to keep working at the spa so I could afford a crib and everything. Plus as there'd been my brothers newborn in the house at the time then I was getting nearly no sleep, but with Geneva at school I'd been able to nap through the day and sleep all night.

   The next morning we sat down to a family breakfast.
   "I really hate when the moon makes the lighting all funny. It hurts my eyes." Geneva whined. "Why can't we get blinds on the windows or something?"
   "Blinds on the windows wouldn't make a difference." Ernesto explained. "It's to do with the supernatural power enhancers or something. Strange things happen on full moons, and the weird glow is just one of those things."
   "Can't we get blinds anyway? That weird paparazzi outside always looks in."
   "We can't afford blinds right now honey." I apologised. "Maybe when your sisters here and I'm back at work."

   "Everything is always 'wait til your sister's here'" Geneva snapped. "Maybe I don't want a dumb baby sister anyway." I sighed and stood up. I wasn't going through this again. Geneva would be all excited about being a big sister one minute, and cursing it the next. I suppose teenage hormones were starting to creep in a bit, but I didn't want to get into an argument again. "Fine, don't say anything then, see ya." she mumbled.
   "Geneva, give your mother a break. Once your sisters here you'll love her and you'll feel bad for being such a bully." Ernesto scolded. I walked away and got my guitar out. I didn't need this stress right now.

   I started idly plucking at strings, feeling myself calm down instantly and ignoring the shouting Geneva was doing now. Ernesto could handle her and I knew she'd get over it soon enough and everything would be fine in time for school.
   "I hate you, your not even my real dad!" I overheard Geneva scream. The words made my stomach churn and my heart break. I looked up and caught Ernesto's eye. He turned and walked outside, slamming the door.
   "Geneva!" I shouted, putting my guitar down. She started to tear up and looked at me scared.

   Before I could scold her, my phone rang. It was Jordan. I felt like leaving it and dealing with Geneva first, but I knew he wouldn't ring at 6.15am unless it was urgent.
   "I'll deal with you in a minute." I spat at my daughter as I pressed 'answer' on my handset. "Jor?"
   "Sorry, is this a bad time?" My brothers voice replied, obviously overhearing what I'd said to Geneva.
   "No, there must be something important you need to tell me or you wouldn't ring so early." I reassured him. "What's up?"
   "Marlon's got his girlfriend pregnant." He sounded stressed. "I'm sorry to ring so early, but we found out last night and I've got nearly no sleep."
   "Shit..." I didn't know what else to say.

   "I'm sorry, I don't really know what to tell you, Jor..." Geneva started crying in the kitchen.
   "Mummy I'm sorry I didn't mean to shout at you and Daddy I just got upset." She wailed. I ignored her for now, my brother was going through far worse.
   "I know we both had kids when we were his age, but for fucks sake, I thought our kids would learn from our mistakes and they wouldn't end up like us." I knew exactly what he meant. Geneva was just starting to think about boys and I did worry she'd end up like me.
   "Well I guess all you can do is what Ma did for us." I tried to offer some advice. "She tried her hardest to support us, after the initial telling off, of course. What's his girlfriends situation? Ma let Corinna move in with you, so maybe if she needs it you could offer the same? Marlon's like you, so he probably won't be a rotten handful like me." I smiled, feeling like maybe something I said might have helped.
   "Cheers, Naz. But I'm bloody thirty and gunna be a grandfather...." I laughed.
   "Keep me posted, gramps. Catch you later." We said our goodbyes and I paused a minute, thinking what he was going through and what I'd say to Geneva about her most recent outburst.

   Fortunately for Geneva, her sister decided it was time.
   "Oh my goddd!!! Mum what's wrong?!" She shrieked.
   "Get - Dad." I panted, clutching my tightening stomach.
   "I don't know where he is. I made him leave us!" Geneva cried.
   "Oh don't be - so stupid, Gen! He's in the - fucking car-aaaahhh- having a cigarette!!" She fumbled with the door handle as she tried to rush outside. I heard her sprint down the steps and frantically shout at Ernesto, before they both came rushing back in.

   "Daddy make it stop! Make Mummy not die!"
   "I'm not - fucking dying - you idiot! I'm - in labour!!" I panted.
   "Waddowedo?!" Ernesto wasn't even making sense now.
   "Oh for gods sake. I'm the one - ah, shit, ow - in labour here! Geneva, get dressed - get to school. Dickhead - get dressed - get the overnight bag - and get me to the fucking hospital!!!"
  "Ok, sorry, calm, sorry." Ernesto said rushing past me to the bedroom. Geneva screeched past me to follow my orders. Seriously? This part was easier the first time, I wasn't surrounded by idiots.


Rolls revealed: Couple, and secondary career is dumpster diver. However, Ernesto will not be dumpster diving again. He did it once and made §9,000. And that wasn't even selling everything off. :/ So, yeah, no. Only if we're desperate.

Marlon really did get his girlfriend pregnant! I don't think I've had an inactive teenage pregnancy before, not that I've known about... But I thought I ought to write it in, just incase I ever need it. lol.

I also hate how much sims overreact to labour. If everyone around me screamed, danced and pointed while I was the one in bloody labour, I'd be pretty pee'd off....
But I love how the family accidentally have colour-coded PJs XD 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

1.3 Reactions


    "Like this?" Ernesto asked Geneva, running sand through his fingers.
   "No, Dad," She giggled, "You have to throw your hands apart or it all funnels into one pile!" I smiled as I heard Geneva call Ernesto 'Dad' again. She'd started doing it a couple of years ago now, and at first it had started an awkward 'I'm not your dad' thing, but we'd eventually just given up on that. I could tell by the way Ernestos eyes lit up when she said it that he loved it.
  "I really hope he loves it." I muttered to myself, tracing a heart around the outline of his face on the window pane, misted up from where I'd been breathing.

    You see, a few days earlier, I'd been sick on the beach path when I was walking from one job to the next. I'd thought I was coming down with something, but every day since, bang on the same time, I'd been sick again. I remembered this from before, but I'd been nervous to take a test because I wasn't sure I wanted another baby... I mean last times saga was my own doing, but this time... What I had with Ernesto was perfect. We never got on each others nerves, because we weren't together all the time, but he was here enough to help me around the house and help with Geneva. Me not being able to read had been a worry for me when I realised Geneva would be starting school soon and I couldn't help with her homework, but Ernesto could, and did, happily. Plus, what would I tell Jordan?? Since Mum died last year, he'd been really over protective of me. If he found out I was messing around with someone who was in a relationship... Well, he'd flip.

    To my absolute shock, Natasha Gooder's friend called me the next day for a sing-a-gram for her... Apparently someone had told her that her partner was messing around with someone. Call me a bitch, but I struggled to keep a straight face while I walked to the location. I hadn't told Ernesto who I was going to see, I knew he'd stop me. I don't know why, but some sick twisted part of me wanted to go see her and hoped she was upset.

   I performed my standard 'cheer up' sing-a-gram, which comes complete with a stuffed toy rabbit, but she just kinda looked through me. I sucked it up, groaned inside, and asked her.
   "What's up, doll?"
   "Ernie used to call me that!" She bawled. Ernie?? Ew. I rolled my eyes at her.
   "Oh, I'm sorry, did he pass away?" I put on my most sympathetic voice. I had no idea why I was doing this.
   "No, apparently the bastards been doing some bimbo for a while now." She wiped her tears and looked a little angry.
   "Bimbo?" That wound me up. I knew I shouldn't, but I couldn't help it. "If you mean Ernesto Gonzalez, then your 'bimbo' is ME!"

   "You?!" She shouted, and people around us turned. "You're the stupid slut who thinks she can get my Ernie?? You've got to be kidding me. He's at least twice your age, he's leading you on, love." She laughed. "He'll drop you, don't worry, he'll come back to me."
   "Drop me? Because I'm young?" I laughed back at her, and didn't care that everyone was staring. "He does nothing but moan about you. Every time you've kicked him out for three years, he's come running to me and I've had him moaning my name more times than you've had hot dinners." My latest revelation kinda knocked the wind out of her, and she just stood there gaping at me a minute, so I continued. "I'm sorry you're such a frigid old hag, but we both know that's because you're still getting it from your boss. I hope that promotion ends up being worth it, because you'll have plenty of time to work when you're single." I didn't even wait for a reply, I just turned around and marched out of there, head held high and dancing inside. It was over. The deep dark secret was out, the truth was free, and I felt great. ...But how would Ernesto react?

    That evening when I got home, Ernesto grabbed me.
   "I've got a surprise for you!" He grinned grabbing my hand and pulling me in for a quick kiss before spinning me round to face the kitchen counter.
   "Flowers? You got me flowers!" I beamed. "Nobody's ever got me flowers before! Thankyou." I turned and pulled him close.
   "Geneva's in bed" He muttered in my ear suggestively, sending goosebumps over my skin. But no, I had to tell him.
   "Well I've got a surprise for you, too." I smiled at him, and he looked at me confused. "I'm pregnant." I came right out and said it. Not how I'd planned to, but it was out there now. A look of panic flashed across his face before it was overcome with a huge smile. He squeezed me tight.
   "We're having a baby?" He grinned, and I nodded.
   "Will you leave Natasha now?" I asked warily.
   "Of course I will babe! She's not answering her phone tonight so I'll pop over tomorrow and get my stuff-"
   "It's ok, I already broke up with her for you..." His face dropped.
   "You fucking what?" He said quietly.

   "No, you fucking what?!" We both froze. I think my heart stopped.
   "Jordan." I breathed helplessly.
   "Mate, dude, chill, yeah? Its not how you think..." Ernesto stuttered, he was shaking. Or was I shaking? Maybe we were both shaking.
   "Not how I think? You're fucking my baby sister and she's having your baby. What have I got wrong there??" Jordan was shaking too, but I think his was with anger, me and Ernesto were shaking with fear.
   "Jor, its not your business. I'm an adult." I whispered. I couldn't get my voice any louder.
   "Barely!" He exploded. "You're twenty-one!! He's forty-three! What the hell are you both thinking?"
   "Age is just a number." I rebelled, still unable to talk at a normal volume.
   "So fucking what?!" I'd never seen him so angry. "How long? How long has this shit been going on behind my back?"
   "Three years give or take." Ernesto found his voice.
   "You're supposed to be my best mate and you've been fucking my baby sister behind my back, behind Tashas' back, for three years?!"
   "It's not like that!!" Ernesto shouted back. "I fucking love her, man." My heart stopped again. He'd never said the 'L' word before. Jordan went quiet and stared at Ernesto. I think, anyway, I was staring at him too.
   "I think I love you too." I whispered. He turned to look at me, and his scowl melted into a smile as he looked into my eyes. I smiled back and I completely forgot about Jordan as he kissed me passionately. We've kissed thousands of times, but this was different. He was holding me extra tight, and as we kissed it was like we couldn't get enough of each other. It was probably the hormones, but I started crying. Happy tears. He loved me.