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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

1.14 Babies!


   "Oh, Ladybug! What a lovely day it is outside! Lets go for a walk!" I cooed, lifting the pup into the air and swirling her around before taking her out on her morning walk. Me and Kody had been together sort-of secretly for a few months now, and I couldn't have been happier. It wasn't that we were avoiding telling people, I mean it's not like Aria and mum hadn't guessed we were together, we just hadn't put a label on it and he was kinda shy about coming around the house. Well, unless it was just the two of us, if you know what I mean...


   "Aunt Nazari?" Marlon's voice sounded shaky down the phone.
   "What's up?" I was worried. It wasn't often my nephew called. It's not that we didn't get on, but he was an adult with a teenage son, so we had our own seperate lives really.
   "It's Kenyon. He's only gone and carried on the family tradition and got that Chelsea pregnant!" My stomach sank. I remembered when my own brother, Jordan, had rang me in a similar state over Marlons own young pregnancy. I was constantly paranoid one of my girls would throw their lives away too young like we had, but so far they'd all proved more sensible than myself.
   "Oh, I'm sorry." I sympathised.
   "I hate to be rude, but Abi's in bits. She can't deal with him being around right now, and I know you don't have much space, but it wouldn't be forever..."
   "Yes, he can stay here." I cut him off. "He gets on great with the girls anyway and Aria will ride him and get him into shape for fatherhood." Plus, Kenyon was a handy young lad, and we needed a man around the house to do the little repair jobs Ernesto used to do.
   "Thank you SO much! I'll drop some stuff off for him later, I'll get him to come straight from school."

   Well after school, the girls got straight to their homework, and I collared Kenyon before I headed off to work.
   "So, daddy..." I started, raising an eyebrow.
   "I'm sorry!" He was clearly shaken, not his normal cheeky self. "I just.... I don't know... I don't know what to do, what to say... Chelsea was so happy when she told me, and I was SO not...."
   "You didn't ask her if she was going to keep it, did you?"
   "No, but my face wasn't the excited, happy picture she seemed to be expecting..."
   "Look. It'll all work itself out. You just need to give your mum some space, and you need to talk to Chelsea. Trust me, she's in a really fragile place right now, everyone at school will be talking about her, and by the sounds of your reaction, she's going to need reassuring that you're not about to skip town!" He nodded, touching his pocket where his phone was. "And then you're going to need to get a job. Babies are expensive." I winked at his lost expression. "But do your homework, and don't stay up too late, and we'll speak more tomorrow when I'm off work."


   "Sorry it didn't work out with Kody." Kenyon had a mouthful of lettuce, boys are disgusting.
   "What do you mean?" I mumbled, trying to work out what X was when Y was 23 and Z was just a letter to me. Kenyon had been here a week or so and as much as it was annoying having a teenage boy living with us, if we were honest with ourselves he fit right in
   "Well I know you never officially announced it but I got the picture the two of you were sort of together."
   "Right?" What was this gossiping about anyway, I was trying to do algebra, dammit! I could feel Aria staring at me.
   "Well I saw him and Elaine today, apparently they've been together a few weeks according to Ethan." Suddenly X was the least of my worries. Kody and Elaine? A few weeks? He must be winding me up, surely? I mean, it was only yesterday we were woohooing in his dads shed....

   "You didn't tell me you'd broke up, Bex..." Aria sounded concerned.
   "You have broken up, right?" Kenyon had stopped stuffing his face. I could feel both of them staring at me. My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I knew it was him. Of course he didn't want to make it official. Of course he didn't want to meet mum. It all made sense now. Elaine was his girlfriend, I was just the bit on the side. The easy one. The slut. The one that just bent over backwards to run straight to him whenever he had the urge... The stupid, niave idiot.

   "Bex?" Aria pushed, I realised I hadn't said anything for ages.
   "Yeah, course, I just didn't think he'd move on so quick." I mumbled, putting my pencil down while the words on the page infront of me began to spin. I stood shakily, knocking the pencil onto the floor. "I'm going for a shower." I breathed, heading to the bathroom before I broke down entirely. I felt sick. For a moment I thought I'd actually be sick as I closed the bathroom door, I had to run to the toilet and bend over, but nothing came up. I used the wall to pull myself back to my feet, and turned the shower on. I stripped off my clothes, being sure to remove my phone from my pocket and kick it across the tiles away from me, before I sat on the floor of the shower. The water pelted my head, making my mascara run black rivers down my cheeks. It didn't matter. I was crying anyway. "Stupid, stupid, stupid." I cursed myself, reaching for the soap, I scrubbed and scrubbed, but nothing was ever going to make me feel clean. I was just a stupid, used, slut. How could I be so stupid?


   I gave Becca a few days. From her reaction we both knew something unpleasant had happened between her and Kody, but she clearly didn't want to talk about it. It was my birthday when I finally approached her.
   "You know, Bex. Now I'm eighteen I'm very mature and as my baby sister you ought to do me one thing."
   "What?" She smiled, the first smile I'd seen in days.
   "Tell me what happened between you and Kody." Her face immediately fell, and a tear escaped her eye.

   She fell into me and sobbed into my shoulder. She told me all about how she'd thought he loved her and blabbered on about how sorry she was, like somehow any of this might have affected me.
   "It's ok, it's not the end of the world." I reassured her.
   "But I was just a bit on the side." She finished. 'Bit on the side' kind of made it sound like they'd slept together.
   "You slept with him?" I asked, shocked.
   "Yes, that's all I ever was to him." Her shoulders were shaking, she'd not been this broken up when dad had died! I suddenly wanted to kill the prick.
   "Bex?" I pushed her away from me, and looked into her tear-stained eyes. "Men are pigs. And Kody - fucking - Anderson, will wish he'd never been born."


   I cooed and snuggled my new baby granddaughter. My granddaughter! I was a grandmother! Geneva smiled as she watched me.
   "I remember when you were this little." I mumbled the little cliche, but it was true. And how far had we all come since then? Little Candi pulled on my hair, and I marvelled at her tiny, perfectly formed fingers. I wondered what the world would bring to her, and little Guiseppe, Maria's son. Of course, Geneva and her best friend even did that together!


Well! Gen 1 is over!! Woo! Only 14 chapters, that's not too bad! The guys had an end-of-generation party at the fair.

   Teenage boys stink, remember? Although technically, Kenyon and Aria are both young adults here.

    It worked out quite well that most of the activities are 4-player. But Aria decided she'd rather graffiti the toilet block than play with her family, so we drafted in a stranger.

    Pie face picture!! :D

So who will be heir???
Well, I'll tell you now that Kenyon moved in for a reason: He got Chelsea pregnant for real, that was SP's fault, it seems obsessed with teen pregnancies haha. But I didn't want them to run off and marry because then I'd have to break up a family! I'll tell you now I rolled single with double help, so I'm having Becca, Aria and Kenyon. I'll leave the rest to be revealed as the generation plays out, but that ones tough to do a fun reveal so I just said it. 

As mentioned previously, I am about to have a baby so there will be a (hopefully short) break between generations while I adjust my whole entire life... Peace out!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

1.13 Used Up Old Sock


   "So you and Chelsea, huh?" I accused as Kenyon approached me at the art gallery.
   "Woahh!" He mocked being knocked off his feet. "Someone got out the wrong side of bed today and decided to throw it all at me..."
   "Oh shut up." I punched him in the gut lightly and playfully. "Why do I have to hear it from my baby sister rather that the horses - rather large - mouth?"
   "What is there to tell?" He was being evasive. "A girl and a guy, and, and guy and a girl..." He trailed off and shrugged, with a smug grin on his face. I shook my head.
   "You're acting like it was some sort of quest and you reached the end and... Ugh." I shuddered. "At least I have a constant reminder of why I don't date."
   "What the hell are you on about?"
   "You!" I accused, "Basically saying you and Chelsea did it and you think it was nothing more than that and you're perfectly willing to go bragging about it all over town. Have you given any thought to how she might be feeling? Maybe like a used up old sock?" He laughed a deep, bellowing exaggerated laugh. "Stop it I'm being serious!" I scolded.
   "Chill out. Me and Chelsea are an item. Like proper girlfriend boyfriend. She's not a used up old sock, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean... But yeah, we did bang though."
   "Oh for plumbobs sake! You 'banged', yeah? You just 'banged'?" I glared at him.

   "Alright, sorry... We made luuurve." He wiggled his eyebrows and licked his lips. I fake-gagged and tried to hold in a laugh.
   "You're so disgusting..." I punched his arm playfully.
   "So, Miss Feminist, where's Becca?"
   "She's out with that Kody from prom."
   "Oh yeah? They gunna make luuurve?" He pulled the same stupid face and I could have wrung his neck.
   "Don't you dare! She's my baby sister!!"
   "Hey, everyone does it sometime, I'm just saying!"
   "Yeah well she's not stupid, she wouldn't do anything like that."
   "You never know.." I knew he was just trying to wind me up, so I pushed him towards the door. I had a dare to fulfill.

   "Hey, look, that statue's got his bits out!" I giggled, deliberately making sure I was loud enough to annoy the woman standing behind us.
   "Not as big as mine though!" Kenyon laughed back. The woman tutted, rolled her eyes, and walked off to look at some statue with boobs. Art, hey?
   "That was too far." I scolded Kenyon.
   "Truth." He shrugged. "Stop putting it off." He shoved a spray can into my hand, and I looked around. The coast was clear for now.
   "Keep watch." I demanded.

   After I was done, Kenyon pulled me over out of the immediate area and in a corner.
   "You wrote your own name?? Seriously Aria!" He sounded angry, although he kept his voice hushed for obvious reasons.
   "I didn't know what to put! You didn't specify!" I mentally berated myself. What an idiot.
   "Well obviously not something they can trace right back to you!"
   "Ugh, I'm sorry... Not alot I can do about it now, though, and I expect they have CCTV anyway..." I shrugged. I didn't really care anyway. I was in an art gallery, surely that counted as art?
   "Lets get out of here..." He rolled his eyes as we started walking out.
   "Well your turn now! I dare you..."


   I was so glad Kody text. He actually text! We met up at the graveyard, which seemed strange until I got here and saw all the pretty fountains. I was nervous though, I mean, it's not like we'd been drinking last night but the atmosphere and the dim lighting made flirting a lot easier than the bright, revealing light of day.

   Something about Kody relaxed me though, made me feel at ease. He was one year above me at school, so I felt kinda special as there were so many pretty girls in his year, but he'd picked me! Plus he seemed to know all the right things to say, and it was fun! Just talking was fun, like a rush! I've never felt like that talking to anyone else, so maybe this is what love feels like?

   Maybe I'm stupid, but I didn't feel pressured, and it all just felt 'right'. I've heard people say that before but didn't realise what it meant until it happened to me! Besides, nobody else was home so nobody would know, would they?

Thursday, 2 March 2017

1.12 Getting By


   As time went on, and we got used to life without Ernesto, I actually started to like the damn dog. I decided it was probably because it was something he'd been excited about sharing with us, Ladybug was the last piece of himself he gave to us, someone to protect us when he wasn't around. She wasn't so bad... But she did need her fur trimming! It was like having a bush wandering around. I decided I'd have to get Aria on to the matter

   I threw myself back into my career, this was my dream. I had moved to Starlight Shores to become a pop sensation, it was singing that had ended up with me living here, and living here had bought me and Ernesto together, and so by that logic I had to pay back fate by completing my dream. I knew fate and everything wasn't real, but it gave me something to focus on.

   Becca tried to take her fathers place in the kitchen, but she didn't have the natural skill... I was sure she'd get better with time, but for now, with me out performing and Aria always busy with friends, Becca made the meals. Even if they did tend to be so over-seasoned you'd need a gallon of water to counteract the salt...

   Aria did find the time to have the dog trimmed, though. And she looked a lot better for it! Aria seemed to have a natural touch with animals, she just seemed to know what they needed immediately. I wondered if she'd become a vet or something, but unlike Becca who definately wanted to do 'something sciency', Aria hadn't given it much thought, and didn't seem like she was bothered about it right now either.

   Geneva had married Aubrey in a small ceremony a few months earlier. With the death of her step-father leaving nobody to walk her down the aisle, she'd decided the big do wasn't for her. She was Mrs Geneva Browne now, which felt weird to me, but I was happy she was happy. Aubrey was a successful business man, and although they weren't filthy rich, they did have a house made of bricks and a pool out back. She often invited me over on her days off to cool off from the summer sun in her pool, and on one of the occasions she made me the happiest woman alive.
   "I'm pregnant!" She announced, a huge beaming grin on her face. I tried to congratulate her, but all I could do was shriek and hug her. Since Ernesto had gone, all I'd wanted was grandkids, I wanted to know that I would see the next generation, because he couldn't, and now it was happening!


   "Ner-ner! You'll never score!" I chanted at my sister as I tried to put her off. Sure, she couldn't throw a horseshoe, and she'd decided to wear a dress to play football, but she could kick better than I could keep goal...
   "Ariaaaa!" She whined, I loved that it worked and she was annoyed at me. I stuck my tongue out at her and she booted the ball way over the crossbar in frustration. "Swap." She demanded after I returned with the ball.

   "Actually, no, Aria, I'm scared!" Becca panicked as I lined up my shot.
   "Incoming!" I called as I blazed the ball into the top left corner. Becca cowered and covered her face with her arms. I laughed at her. "Come on chicken, lets go home and get showered for prom!"

   Hours later, we sat down on the sofa to unwind with some TV, our feet throbbing from dancing, and throats sore from shouting over the music. What a rush, if prom was this fun, how great must clubbing be? That was it, I was officially counting down until my eighteenth birthday. I had so much fun I had barely even thought about dad!
   "So did Kenyon tell you about Beth?" Becca asked me?
   "What, that after she dumped him for Marty Best, she turned up with Freddie Worthington?" I asked.
   "Yeah, apparently Freddie's so much more mature." She turned to me. "He has chest hair." She said mock-dreamily, before pulling a face and gagging.
   "Chest hair appeals to me about as much as old lizard lips." I stated, making reference to a guy in the year above me who I'd stupidly kissed when I was grieving badly for dad. Becca laughed.
   "And me, I mean, I have no experiance of mens chests, but I don't get why I'd want it to be hairy?"

   "Does Kody Anderson have a hairy chest?" I poked, giving my little sister a knowing look.
   "I don't know..." Becca blushed, biting her lip as she chose her words. "I don't know if I'd mind if he did..." She giggled.
   "Ew, Becca! Don't lower your standards just cus some guy spends the evening flirting with you!"
   "It's not like that! He was just a really sweet guy!"
   "Did you kiss?"
   "No, he hugged me goodbye and gave me a kiss on the cheek... He said he'd text me tomorrow about meeting up."

    "What about Ethan?" She asked, changing the subject as quick as she could.
   "Nope." I replied. "He spent weeks leading up to prom trying to get me to go with him, well, as you know, I said no because 1, I don't like him, and 2, he only wants one thing... He had this bet with Edgar that he could get in my pants, so I wasn't ever going to say yes to him! Anyway, so when we get there he tries for like the first hour, and then when he finally got the picture, he was off on the dancefloor properly grinding up against a ton of girls like it would make me jealous. I mean no, how disgusting..." Becca pulled a face. "Don't worry. I've sworn off high school boys. They make me sick. I'll get school out the way and then I'm sure I'll find someone. For now I'm fine with just having friends, besides, Kenyon and Daryl are all the men I need right now."
   "Sorry you have such bad luck with boys." I shook my head, I didn't want her pity, I genuinely didn't care. "Oh, did you see that Chelsea went home with Kenyon at the end of the night?"
   "What? Chelsea? I didn't think she was his type!"


   I don't know if it was the full moon, or the fact the girls had got in late from prom, but I stirred in the night. Not being able to sleep, I slipped outside for some fresh night air.
   "Ernesto..." I breathed. He was sitting in the sandbox, making sandcastles.

   "Nazari. I've missed you." His voice was small and thin, like it was a long way off, or he was tired or something.
   "I've missed you too, so much!" A tear slipped down my cheek, and his cool hand swept it away.

   "I know it's hard, but you have to be strong for the girls. They're going to need you, and I'll wait until your time comes. Then we can be together again." He pulled me into a hug, and I realised how much more I'd missed him than I realised. But he was right, I had to live my life until my time came, there was no sense moping and wishing he was here, because I couldn't bring him back. I could only live my life to the fullest so I'd have plenty to tell him when we were together again.

   But that didn't mean I didn't miss him. With my whole body too. I guess even ghosts have needs...

   It was just a shame it was only a dream...


...For disappearing again!

So as you know I'm pregnant, due on 20th March. I've been quite ill these past few weeks which is one of the main reasons I've not been around. I have finished work now though, but I'm having to have a growth scan on Monday because I'm measuring small and if the scans show he's stopped growing I'll likely be having him next week, which is scary and exciting and all sorts! I'll be 38 weeks then, so it's really no issue. But at the moment I'm kinda in limbo haha, seeing the midwife every couple of days because my blood pressure is stupid and high, I was actually admitted to hospital last week and hoped they'd get him out of there, but no such luck haha.

Anyway, that makes it all sound like I'm dying, but I'm really not. I'm just tired more than anything and ready to get my body back! I have two chapters written, and pics for one more which I'm off to go try and write now (but I played that stuff back in November so I hope my notes are good haha), and then I'll be on to generation 2! I'm planning on posting the rest of gen 1 before baby is born (obviously if they do decide to deliver next week then that won't be happening), and then I'll likely disappear while I learn how to change nappies and etc, and then once we're in a routine I'm hoping to get back into simming and posting again!

I don't know when I'll catch up on everyones stuff, I'm going to start later today but I don't know how far behind I am yet haha. Thank you all for your continued support! :) xxx