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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

1.14 Babies!


   "Oh, Ladybug! What a lovely day it is outside! Lets go for a walk!" I cooed, lifting the pup into the air and swirling her around before taking her out on her morning walk. Me and Kody had been together sort-of secretly for a few months now, and I couldn't have been happier. It wasn't that we were avoiding telling people, I mean it's not like Aria and mum hadn't guessed we were together, we just hadn't put a label on it and he was kinda shy about coming around the house. Well, unless it was just the two of us, if you know what I mean...


   "Aunt Nazari?" Marlon's voice sounded shaky down the phone.
   "What's up?" I was worried. It wasn't often my nephew called. It's not that we didn't get on, but he was an adult with a teenage son, so we had our own seperate lives really.
   "It's Kenyon. He's only gone and carried on the family tradition and got that Chelsea pregnant!" My stomach sank. I remembered when my own brother, Jordan, had rang me in a similar state over Marlons own young pregnancy. I was constantly paranoid one of my girls would throw their lives away too young like we had, but so far they'd all proved more sensible than myself.
   "Oh, I'm sorry." I sympathised.
   "I hate to be rude, but Abi's in bits. She can't deal with him being around right now, and I know you don't have much space, but it wouldn't be forever..."
   "Yes, he can stay here." I cut him off. "He gets on great with the girls anyway and Aria will ride him and get him into shape for fatherhood." Plus, Kenyon was a handy young lad, and we needed a man around the house to do the little repair jobs Ernesto used to do.
   "Thank you SO much! I'll drop some stuff off for him later, I'll get him to come straight from school."

   Well after school, the girls got straight to their homework, and I collared Kenyon before I headed off to work.
   "So, daddy..." I started, raising an eyebrow.
   "I'm sorry!" He was clearly shaken, not his normal cheeky self. "I just.... I don't know... I don't know what to do, what to say... Chelsea was so happy when she told me, and I was SO not...."
   "You didn't ask her if she was going to keep it, did you?"
   "No, but my face wasn't the excited, happy picture she seemed to be expecting..."
   "Look. It'll all work itself out. You just need to give your mum some space, and you need to talk to Chelsea. Trust me, she's in a really fragile place right now, everyone at school will be talking about her, and by the sounds of your reaction, she's going to need reassuring that you're not about to skip town!" He nodded, touching his pocket where his phone was. "And then you're going to need to get a job. Babies are expensive." I winked at his lost expression. "But do your homework, and don't stay up too late, and we'll speak more tomorrow when I'm off work."


   "Sorry it didn't work out with Kody." Kenyon had a mouthful of lettuce, boys are disgusting.
   "What do you mean?" I mumbled, trying to work out what X was when Y was 23 and Z was just a letter to me. Kenyon had been here a week or so and as much as it was annoying having a teenage boy living with us, if we were honest with ourselves he fit right in
   "Well I know you never officially announced it but I got the picture the two of you were sort of together."
   "Right?" What was this gossiping about anyway, I was trying to do algebra, dammit! I could feel Aria staring at me.
   "Well I saw him and Elaine today, apparently they've been together a few weeks according to Ethan." Suddenly X was the least of my worries. Kody and Elaine? A few weeks? He must be winding me up, surely? I mean, it was only yesterday we were woohooing in his dads shed....

   "You didn't tell me you'd broke up, Bex..." Aria sounded concerned.
   "You have broken up, right?" Kenyon had stopped stuffing his face. I could feel both of them staring at me. My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I knew it was him. Of course he didn't want to make it official. Of course he didn't want to meet mum. It all made sense now. Elaine was his girlfriend, I was just the bit on the side. The easy one. The slut. The one that just bent over backwards to run straight to him whenever he had the urge... The stupid, niave idiot.

   "Bex?" Aria pushed, I realised I hadn't said anything for ages.
   "Yeah, course, I just didn't think he'd move on so quick." I mumbled, putting my pencil down while the words on the page infront of me began to spin. I stood shakily, knocking the pencil onto the floor. "I'm going for a shower." I breathed, heading to the bathroom before I broke down entirely. I felt sick. For a moment I thought I'd actually be sick as I closed the bathroom door, I had to run to the toilet and bend over, but nothing came up. I used the wall to pull myself back to my feet, and turned the shower on. I stripped off my clothes, being sure to remove my phone from my pocket and kick it across the tiles away from me, before I sat on the floor of the shower. The water pelted my head, making my mascara run black rivers down my cheeks. It didn't matter. I was crying anyway. "Stupid, stupid, stupid." I cursed myself, reaching for the soap, I scrubbed and scrubbed, but nothing was ever going to make me feel clean. I was just a stupid, used, slut. How could I be so stupid?


   I gave Becca a few days. From her reaction we both knew something unpleasant had happened between her and Kody, but she clearly didn't want to talk about it. It was my birthday when I finally approached her.
   "You know, Bex. Now I'm eighteen I'm very mature and as my baby sister you ought to do me one thing."
   "What?" She smiled, the first smile I'd seen in days.
   "Tell me what happened between you and Kody." Her face immediately fell, and a tear escaped her eye.

   She fell into me and sobbed into my shoulder. She told me all about how she'd thought he loved her and blabbered on about how sorry she was, like somehow any of this might have affected me.
   "It's ok, it's not the end of the world." I reassured her.
   "But I was just a bit on the side." She finished. 'Bit on the side' kind of made it sound like they'd slept together.
   "You slept with him?" I asked, shocked.
   "Yes, that's all I ever was to him." Her shoulders were shaking, she'd not been this broken up when dad had died! I suddenly wanted to kill the prick.
   "Bex?" I pushed her away from me, and looked into her tear-stained eyes. "Men are pigs. And Kody - fucking - Anderson, will wish he'd never been born."


   I cooed and snuggled my new baby granddaughter. My granddaughter! I was a grandmother! Geneva smiled as she watched me.
   "I remember when you were this little." I mumbled the little cliche, but it was true. And how far had we all come since then? Little Candi pulled on my hair, and I marvelled at her tiny, perfectly formed fingers. I wondered what the world would bring to her, and little Guiseppe, Maria's son. Of course, Geneva and her best friend even did that together!


Well! Gen 1 is over!! Woo! Only 14 chapters, that's not too bad! The guys had an end-of-generation party at the fair.

   Teenage boys stink, remember? Although technically, Kenyon and Aria are both young adults here.

    It worked out quite well that most of the activities are 4-player. But Aria decided she'd rather graffiti the toilet block than play with her family, so we drafted in a stranger.

    Pie face picture!! :D

So who will be heir???
Well, I'll tell you now that Kenyon moved in for a reason: He got Chelsea pregnant for real, that was SP's fault, it seems obsessed with teen pregnancies haha. But I didn't want them to run off and marry because then I'd have to break up a family! I'll tell you now I rolled single with double help, so I'm having Becca, Aria and Kenyon. I'll leave the rest to be revealed as the generation plays out, but that ones tough to do a fun reveal so I just said it. 

As mentioned previously, I am about to have a baby so there will be a (hopefully short) break between generations while I adjust my whole entire life... Peace out!


  1. The drama is strong in this one lmao

    Honestly, take all the time you need for your break. Having a baby is a pretty important change, and I'm sure the little one will keep you plenty busy.

  2. Oh, they stay together for generation 2, that's great. To bad for Becca though; I honestly believed she'd end up pregnant, so the picture of Nazari scared me for a second

    Take all the time you need, babies changes a lot and you need your rest to

  3. I feel so bad for Becca finding that out! At least she has her sister.

    Single with double help? I'm kind of thinking Aria is the heir, since she just aged up...

    Congrats! I hope everything goes/went well with baby!

    1. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster award. :)