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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

1.6 Bonding Time


   This 'big sister' thing isn't all so bad. I mean, I definately don't want one of my own anytime soon, but I guess she's pretty cute, even if she is smelly and loud... Speaking of loud, she started crying, so I shouted mum and put her back in her crib, before running off to shower.

   See, it was Saturday. My first Saturday as an official teenager, so I could go down to the arcade with my best friend, Maria. We played some army-space-blaster game. We skipped the intro, and it was hilarious because neither of us knew what we were doing. Maria's sister, Abigail, is pregnant by my cousin, Marlon. They're not much older than us, but I know my mum had me young so I don't suppose it'll be a tragedy.
   "She's HUGE now, like, she looks like she could pop any second." Maria twittered. "It makes me feel a bit sick when I see her belly, like, it looks like it could just pop. It creeps me out, like, I think her skin might split and the baby will just fall out." She made gagging noises and I giggled. My cousin had recently moved to our town, because of the impending baby.

    A few days later, it was Aria's birthday. Her first act of toddlerhood, was to mess her nappy, and giggle. My mum looked exasperated, but me and dad just burst out laughing. We'd made plans to go to the gym together. I didn't like the weight I was, and dad kept saying he was getting a 'middle-aged spread', so we'd agreed to go together.

   On the drive over, dad asked me if I was being bullied over my weight.
   "No!" I replied, kinda surprised at the question. Nobody had ever mentioned my weight, it was just a personal issue I had with myself
   "You know if anyone ever says anything, you can tell us." He didn't believe me. "I want you to know that you're gorgeous the way you are, you don't have to be thin to be pretty."
   "Yes, dad, I know." I groaned. "I want to be a police officer when I grow up, I need to be able to pass the training."
   "Oh really? You've never mentioned this before?" I looked at him, he was beaming at me.
   "Oh, sorry, I've been thinking about it a while now." I shrugged.
   "Well, I'm proud of you. That's an honourable career to choose."

   At the gym we talked about all things police-force. How to enroll, when to enroll, where to enroll. What the physical test would be like, what the final exams would be like, what the training would be like. Which area I wanted to work for, traffic, homicide, forensics, patrol... I'm still undecided on that one.

   As we were leaving, dad handed me the car keys. I just stared at him questionably.
   "Every copper needs to drive, why not learn now?" He smiled, getting into the passenger side. Shakily, I climbed into the drivers seat. I didn't even know the basics! "Well, to start with, belt up." He prompted, pulling his own seatbelt on as I did the same. "Look in the footwell. Those peddles are go, stop, and gear change. Remember 'ABC' - Accelerator, Brake, Clutch. That's the order they're in if you ever get confused." I nodded, already a little overwhelmed. He explained a little more, before he made me pull off. It was terrifying! It took me ages to pull out of the car park because I couldn't work out how fast cars were coming at me. Dad was really patient though, and when we eventually arrived home he said I was a natural and wouldn't need all too many lessons.

   "Shit-munt!" Aria giggled. I'd decided to take the opportunity to help her with her speech while Ernesto and Geneva were out. It wasn't going too well.
   "No. Chip. Munk." I sounded it out really slow for her.
   "Shit. Munt." She laughed even harder. She thought it was a game. I had heard somewhere that not making a big deal out of toddlers swearing would make it less appealing. I think that advice was wrong.

   "Shit-munt, shit-munt, shit-munt!" Aria chanted, giggling. I sighed. That advice was definately wrong. I heard a screech of breaks and then a car engine clunking outside. "Twat?" Aria questioned, and I stared at her while I tried to work out what she meant.
   "Do you mean 'what was that'?" I clicked what she meant. But that was yet another swear she knew now.

   I stood, and handed Aria her bottle. My back was killing. This being heavily pregnant with a toddler thing was no fun.
   "Mum! I drove!" Geneva burst through the door, startling me a little.
   "Well done." I smiled. Ernesto really was brilliant with the girls, and so supportive.
   "I'm gunna go shower." She stopped and posed, flexing her biceps. "An afternoon at the gym and I'm already a bodybuilder." She joked, dancing off to the bathroom.
   "Don't worry about turning the engine off or shutting the front door!" Ernesto called as he walked in. He pecked me on the cheek as a greeting.
   "Thank you." I smiled at him.
   "For what?" He asked. "I had to shut the door because it's starting to frost over already out there."
   "Not that, for being wonder-dad." I wrapped my arms around him. "Now, wonder-dad. Rundown-mum needs a nap." I kissed him before pulling away towards the bedroom.
   "Get some rest, this baby is kicking your ass." He looked a little worried, so I shook my head to reassure him before closing the bedroom door behind me.


    I got out the shower, and Westly had texted me.
   Westly: Abi had bby boy cld Kenyon xx
   Geneva: K thx xx I replied. He'd put kisses. Why did he put kisses?

    Westly was the reason I even knew Maria. We'd been best friends as kids, and I used to go to his house and we'd sing karaoke together. Maria and I got closer as we got older. I started to like-like Westly and I didn't think he felt the same, so it had been awkward.
   But he'd sent kisses. Another text came through.
   Westly: Its bn a whyl... Meet @ libry 2mo? xx
    Geneva: K :) xx  Then again, maybe I'd been wrong about his feelings...


Aria is too cute <3
Aria is said 'Ah-ria'. Yes, it's that simple.

Also, points for who can spot the crazy inconsistency in the pictures ;) 


  1. The look Nazari is giving Aria after she's become a toddler is Fan.tas.Tic! LOL!

    Awwww. <3 Ernesto and Geneva's bonding time is wonderful. It's awesome how he stepped in for them all.

    YES! Cussing kids! My potty training niece told my brother he could go f**k himself after he told her she had to sit on the potty. (He deserves it. She had to hear it from somewhere!) I think I might have a favorite niece! And a new fav toddler sim. Ha!

    oooOOOooo! Looks like Geneva might have a booooyfriend! Yay for her! And her awesome goals and driving skillz. lol.

    Whaaaaattt??? What crazy inconsistency? lol. Yeah... I wondered how Nazari had gone from washboard abs to having her ass kicked by baby on the way. Haha.

    1. Gosh how rude of me... Did I really never reply to these comments??? :/ *blushes*

      Yes, Nazari's face is brilliant, which is why I had to write it in haha.

      Ernesto is brilliant, I do love him, but.... Nah, lol, no buts this time. Some people need to be happy!

      Hahaa!!! Brilliant. Did she fully understand what it meant? I hope so, kids can be sooo clever...

      Woah, you're jumping the gun a bit! It was one text, what if he only wants to check in with his old friend? I mean, yeah, I like setting my sims up for life when they leave, of course but is it that obvious? ;)

      Oh sims and your silly inconsistancies. If time made sense in these things it would be weird. All this chapter was shot in the same day lol.

  2. Geneva is so pretty, and she has a little boyfriend up her sleeve already. And a careere want? She's such a go getter.

    Pretending not noticing toddlers and kids foulmouthing usually works. Mine liked to say f**k. Speaking of that, Nazari is pregnant again?! Ernesto needs to buy himself some condoms. Working out is not going to give him less energy


      And since you're weddingbusy I nominated you for an award to

    2. Thank you :) I like when my sims turn out pretty, I try not to influence their appearance and just breed with pre-mades, its more fun!

      I'll bear that in mind, thanks! And yes, lol, again! She can't have rolled for too many more kids, surely?? I'll let Ernesto know your advice ;)

      Oh wow, an award!!! Omg, thankyou so much! I don't know what to do/say... I can't nominate anyone right now because I'm so far behind on everyones stories haha, but thankyou, it means a lot! <3 xxx

  3. I really wouldn't have seen the inconsistency if Sunny hadn't pointed it

    Good to see Ernesto and Geneva bonding, it's so sweet. Maybe childish sims make the best parents. And Geneva might have a boyfriend soon, good for her!

    Lol at all Aria's swearing! Did she hear her parents, or make it up herself?

    1. Well, thats because you're so used to sims and nothing adding up ;)

      I thik childish sims are good parents, but they're extremely annoying to have in your household!! Grr...

      lol, I'm thinking it was a genuine accident. I think she was just saying words wrong and it sounded like swearing so Nazari panicked. Although she can hear swearing around too.

  4. *feels really late to the parade* :c

    I, also, was blind to the inconsistency until Sunny pointed it out xD but yay for baby (babies?! Everyone loves multiples, don't they? ;) )

    Also, nawh, Geneva may have found love <3 her cheeks are really chubby and I love that.
    Aria's a cutie (I thought of Aria from PLL and pronounced it right, yay) and it's cute that she's picking up those words xD
    My reply feels weirdly incomplete... I feel like it needs a conclusion.

    In conclusion, everything is cute and yay for babies.

    1. Psst!
      I know you've not been around for a while, but I remembered what today was!

      Happy wedding day ^-^ <3

    2. *not as late as me!*

      As I said above, that'll be down to the fact we play sims and it's normal to us.
      NOOOO!!! I'm hoping my multiples cure has gone. This is technically generation 3 of this family and no multiples so far! On my old laptop and PC I had serious multiples curse lol. I've had my share...

      Hehe! I like her chubby cheeks too! I hope when she loses weight they don't go!
      PLL? Someone I used to work with has a daughter called Aria so I used that.
      lol at the conclusion.

      Thankyou!! I'm back now, so I'll go put a couple pictures up for you all soon, I know you were dead keen on seeing the dress. <3 xxx (I'll need to see prom pics, miss, I've not forgotton!)