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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

1.7 Rejection


   "Wow, Geneva, you look different..." Westly purred as I walked up to him in the public library.
   "Well, I've been going to the gym..." I was confused, it seemed like he was flirting with me.
   "Well it's really paying off."
   "I've only been once." I gave him a look.

   He sighed.
   "I was trying to give you an opening? You've always been gorgeous, Gen, I know you like me."
   "Oh..." I smiled. "How long have you known?"
   "Ages, like, forever." I noticed he was staring at my chest, but I didn't really mind.
   "It's prom soon." I hinted, wondering if he was going to ask me.
   "It is..." He winked at me, with a cheeky grin, and I did a stupid girly giggle.

   He was staring at my lips, so I took a chance and pulled him for a kiss. He made a shocked confused squeak. His lips were really soft and squishy. I've never kissed a boy before, I thought it would feel better than it did.
   "Geneva!" He hissed, pushing me away. "What are you doing?"

    "I- I- I thought..." I stammered.
   "It doesn't matter what you thought." He whispered angrily. "I'm rich. I can't be seen kissing a poor girl, what would everyone say?!"
   "What?" I was shocked, hurt and embarrassed.
   "Gen, we can be friends, but we can't be any more than that in public no matter how we feel. It's just the way things are." His eyes were darting around the room, seeing if anyone had seen us. "I gotta go." He practically ran out the door before I could question him.

   I wandered out, dazed and confused. What the hell had just happened? He was definitely flirting with me, so why did he go so cold so suddenly?


   Aria was being super-fussy. Plus I was starting to get contractions. Plus Geneva was out with a boy. Plus everything that Ernesto did or said was winding me up for no reason. Then Geneva burst through the door. Well, she didn't burst through the door, she opened it gently and closed it behind her. That was how we knew something was up. I turned to look at her, my baby girl with tears forming in her eyes.

   Ernesto beat me to it. I'd barely had chance to get a breath to ask what was wrong, and he'd pulled her to his chest, arms wrapped tight around her. She looked so small and helpless cradled in his arms. Resting Aria on my hip, I leaned over and pecked her cheek. Her hair still smelt of jellybean shampoo, but she had a grown-up smelling perfume spritzed on her neck. Gentle sobs started coming from my big baby-girl. I squeezed her shoulder and Ernesto gently rocked her, making soothing 'shh'ing sounds. Aria reached out and yanked hard on her sisters ponytail, so I had to move away. Geneva pulled back from her dad.

   "Tell me all about it. What's his name? Where's he live?" Ernesto began.
   "Stop it!" I hissed, trying to soothe Aria who was wailing now.
   "Sorry, just tell me what this anonymous prick did." He corrected himself.
   "Apparently if you're poor you're not allowed to date people." Geneva huffed quietly.
   "Don't be stupid! Look at me and your mother! We barely have enough for formula and we've been together most of your life!"
   "She means that some shallow rich kid told her she had no chance because she lives in a trailer." I guessed. Geneva nodded. I knew which rich kid it would be, she was best friends with his sister, and his other sister had just had a baby with my nephew, so how he could be so picky when they weren't I didn't know. All I did know was that I'd never liked the snobby kid, and now he'd hurt my baby.
   "It doesn't matter." Geneva mumbled. "I guess I was wrong about him. I don't even think I like him as a friend anymore." She sniffed, drying her tears with her hands.
   "Well the only boy you need is me." Ernesto declared. "How about a date? You, me, and SSX 3000?"

   And within five minutes, Geneva was her old, smiley, competitive self. I still couldn't get Aria to settle, so I begged Ernesto to help me.
   "Aria, shut it and sleep, there's a good girl." He barely even glanced away from his game, but it worked. That really pissed me off, so I put Aria in her crib, threw my coat on, and took my guitar outside.

   "That damn man is doing my freaking head in." I mumbled as I blared out a few chords. "He just swans around like everything is so damn easy. Yes, I get it, the girls do whatever you say, and you always know just what to say. That's probably how we even ended up together." I sighed and practiced a couple of riffs from a new song I was trying to learn. My agent had said when I was done popping kids out, I could start touring again and make my first album. As much as I loved my kids, I couldn't wait to get back to work. There's only so many times you can change a diaper before it gets old.
   Speaking of diapers.... That was when my waters broke.


    Mum and dad had rushed off to the hospital. I had to stay and look after Aria, who was sleeping in her crib anyway. I thought about going to bed myself, when a text came through.
   Westly: Soz abt erlier xxx
   Westly?? Why the hell was he texting me? Why was he being so confusing?? He ran away from me for being poor a few hours ago, now he's texting me apologies??
   Geneva: K
   I just sent the one letter back. No kisses. That way he knows I've seen and read it, and also that I don't care enough to reply properly. Hah. Whatever.

   So I rang Maria.
   "Hey hun, what's up?" She answered.
   "Boy troubles." I replied cryptically.
   "Ooh! Who?" I could hear her beaming down the phone.
   "It doesn't matter." I couldn't tell her it was her brother, I wanted advice, not charges for accessory to murder! "But this guy we both know and go to school with, I met up with him today. Basically, long story short, he was flirting loads, so I went to kiss him and he pushed me away and literally ran off. And then just now he's texted me saying sorry."
   "Oh... Well, this, like, mystery guy..." She pondered for a minute. "To be honest with you Gen, he, like, sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. Did he, like, give any reason why he left?"
   "Not exactly. He kinda hinted it had something to do with social status?"
   "Ah. Ok. So he's just, like, a shallow dick then I guess? Like, seriously? Just forget about him. There's, like, tons of hot guys at school, just, like, wait til prom, yeah?"
   "Yeah, ok, thanks." I was glad she'd said something like that and not pryed into who he was. "So mums in labour..."

I had serious doubts I could fit another baby in a trailer... But! I rearranged the bedroom and now it looks and feels huge!
Oh look, there's Geneva gossiping about Westly to Maria, lol. 

Also, soz that all my babies are born on cliffies, it just happens that it always seems like a good place to end. lol.


  1. NO. Babies being born is Not a cliffy! Where's the baby?!?!?

    Westly is an ass. Ernesto totes needs to knock a little common feeling into his head. :/ *hugs for Geneva. That's a tough one.

    1. D: Sorry!! It just seemed like a good place to end it! If it helps that baby is now a child in game so you know it makes it out alive!

      Ooh yeah >:D That would be gooood! Heheheee
      But at least he showed his true colours before he and Geneva were a thing, right?

  2. Ugh, Gen might want to just skip prom, or go with her friends! You don't need a guy to have fun at prom. Go stag with your friends and it's all fun still ^-^
    Bah, boys. Especially teenaged boys. Bah. They're either fuck boys or taken (at least that's my experience), best for Gen to wait until they've matured more.

    Yay for baby next chapter! ^-^

    1. Go with Maria! Why not just go with best friend?

      Adult boys are no better, trust me. lol I'm sure shell meet someone when the times right!

  3. Westly is terrible, Geneva should go for someone else, or just stay single, it's fun anyway!

    Her friend gave her good advice, and if she knew it was about her brother she'd probably just go slap him anyway! Guess Geneva views that as a little unnecessary.