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Sunday, 31 January 2016


Aha! I'm back!! *Waves magic wand, throws magic sparkle party dust in your eyes*

So, yeah, shit happened. My Mattels died, my PC and my old laptop both died, and then my mother in law got shitty pancreatic cancer and died, and now me and my fiance are caring for my father in law (but not living with him because we can't deal with that, in a nice way). We got a puppy too :D I love her. She's both adorable and stupid and called Lexi.
Gorgeous :) <3
Anyway, so since I was last regularly in the community, I've been homeless and single and got a new boyfriend and then moved house twice and got engaged and got a doggy and been through some other crap along the way. But blah blah, you're not here for me I just thought you ought to know. You're here for the sims! And yes!! I'm back! I definately won't be as active as I used to be, my life is totally crazy different now and I don't have as much time as I did back then, but I'm here and I will be posting when I can (aiming for at least twice a month), and reading everyone elses stories as much as I can (though bear in mind I am nearly 2 years behind on a lot of people so...)

Anyway, so here's a little history on how I got into this particular legacy. It started with this purple woman whos name I forgot, and I was doing a dilute the ugly challenge thingy.
What a looker, huh? 
Anyway, so she had this kid Johnson. With some townie I forgot who.
And then he got with Nikki Ursine.
They had a couple of kids together, Jordan and Nazari, and lived an ideal family life...
With a few fires....
Then Johnson died, oh well, he was both ugly and boring anyway.
And some more fires happened.

And then to be honest I got really bored of waiting for a pretty legacy heir, so the family went all trashy and both Jordan and Nazari had kids as teenagers. Then I edited Nazaris' face a teeny tiny smidge and she ended up being hot, so she's my founder now but she already has a daughter and a job so I cheated a teeny bit and didn't roll for the primary career because I wanted to play the career anyway.

So there we are. I'll post a prologue to set the scene better than this. lol. And I'll probably use a variety of perspectives through out the story (like first and third person... Is there a second person? What is it?), but I'll make it obvious who's telling it in first person. I just want to improve my writing.


  1. "Ideal family life, with a few fires" - this made me lol.
    Of course we're here for you. Silly.
    Lexi's adorable btw.
    I hope to get back to my story soon. It's usually Jessie that's been in my head, but Annika started randomly talking to me the other night.
    Oh, I have Kaity and Winter still, if you want them let me know.

    1. Lol, they were such pyromaniacs, so weird...
      N'aww, thanx :)
      I loves her so much <33
      I've not caught up on yours yet, but you've been busy so hopefully I'm not too far behind!
      It's ok, I eventually remembered I had mediafire and they were on there, so phew! But I didn't want to try and mash together the Mattells again so I started afresh and I'll pop them in my towns and watch them mate :) But thanks!

  2. Aww, I am glad to hear that you are still around! Sorry for the hectic life happenings and the shitty shit but Lexi is adorable! Glad you'll be posting again too!

    1. Hehe, thankyou, it has been pretty crazy but I've really missed all this so I could never stay away long! Thanks for the welcome :)

    OHMYGOD IT'S GEMMA AND A DOG! (I accidentally put God, lol whoops)

    Maaan, it's been ages, I'm happy that you're back <3
    (also, 2nd person is the use of you. Like, "you got a dog" is a second person sentence)
    As for catching up, it's probably best to leave mine to last XD Quite a lot has happened to the Matthews
    Anyhoo, I'm gonna go read your prologue now ^-^

      Hi :D Thanks for making me feel so welcome!
      Ah, thankyou! I always wondered that!
      Lol, I actually saw that you had 20,000 updates yesterday, and then worked out where I got to and started reading. I figured the more posts there is now, then the more often you post, so it makes send to me to try and catch up with the longest ones first before they become even longer :) I won't be commenting on every chapter, lol, especially as I'm on the blogger one and I see you switched to wordpress...
      Anyway, I'll let you know when I've caught up by commenting on your most recent chapter! So.. Next year? ;)

  4. YAYYAYYAY!!! There's sweet Lexi. <3 I haven't seen her pretty purple bow. That color is fabulous on her!

    *snort. Fires. Fires! and MORE fires! YAY! I've been waiting and waiting and I've been so so so good not asking for spoilers and NOW I GET TO SEE!!! Gotta go see. YAY! Xxx

    1. Hehe, her bow was for the wake... We all wore purple to the funeral, but obviously Lexi couldn't go to the crematorium, so she came to the wake in the pub afterwards and she had to fit in. That picture was just after I'd tied it, she chewed it a lot because she wasn't used to it and could reach it lol.

      Haha, you can has spoilers silly! There's not a lot to spoil yet though ;)

  5. Welcome back, and your dog is so cute. Sorry about all the shit that happened to you, but ...puppy...
    Poor, ugly and boring Johnson, to bad it was so funny to read about their lovely familylife

    1. Yes! But puppy for sure!!
      Haha, lovely isn't the best word, but thank you for reading :)

  6. Welcome back!!! Lexi looke like a sweet dog. :)

    This family certainly looks interesting.

  7. Gemma!!! Oh hi Lexi, so cute! *wrestles*

    I'm sorry for your loss and especially your fiancé's loss, how awful. *hugs*

    Buy you're baaaaack! And yay for the new prettacy, RIP lovely Mattels.

    1. Hi :) Yes she is, she's allll mine though hehe ;)

      Thank you *hugs back*

      I am back, and I do miss them so bad, but I'll get through it.